Saturday, May 21, 2011

Unlock WP7 Emulator/ Unlocking the Apps

WP7 January 2011 Updates, Microsoft had released some updates for Windows Phone 7, with the WP7 OS Developer Tools (WP7 Dev Tools). MS Included in that Dev Tools (SDK) is Windows Phone 7 OS Emulator.Earlier version of the Windows Phone7 OS shipped few applicationsjust a browser and some settings and the emulator was locked down restricting developers to check out its full features. To play with the rest of the OSthe default apps; like Email, Zune, Xbox Live, and whatnot—have needed to load the emulator with an unlock the ROM image giving full access to the build application.

Unlock Emulator

There are few steps to unlock the ROM image.

Step-1: Download Windows Phone 7 Series BIN file "wm70_copypaste"

Step-2: Rename the downloaded BIN file to WM70C1.bin.

Step-3: Copy the BIN file, and paste it into below mentioned directory

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\WindowsPhone\v7.0\Emulation\Images

Step-4: Rename the existing WM70C1.bin so that you could copy new file without overwriting.

Step-5: Now copy the downloaded WM70C1.bin file in Images folder.

Step-6: Now Run the WP7 Emulator by starting a new project and simply pressing F5 Key.

You should now are able to access entire featured in the emulator.

That’s it!

Now unlock the Emulator

Unlock Emulator

Many-many special thanks to XDA, Redmond Pie and Dan Ardelean

Thank you!

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