Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Samsung has been opened public Lab.dev for Windows mobile device

It is a remote device access which is provided by the S's Lab.Dev that allows developers/testers to test application in real Windows Mobile devices remotely. Samsung Lab.Dev brings twenty one windows mobile models. This is very useful for test application on Samsung devices; if the developers/testers does not have a physical device but wanted to test application and see how his application behave on a Samsung devices this is the way to test a software for different – different Samsung models.

For more information see Samsung Lab.Dev http://innovator.samsungmobile.com

for making reservations must be login.

View some screens shots : 21 devices available select one for testing..

Open Device :

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Introduce to Cellular Emulator with Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Cellular Emulator is a tool, which is a part of Windows Mobile 6 SDK, it is a real type device for Windows Mobile developers, developing application in live senior. In cellular emulator compelling features is that developer can send and receive sms, make call emulator to emulator.

To configure cellular emulator with windows mobile 6 professional emulator follow given steps.

Steps -1

To open Cellular Emulator
Start -> Programs -> Windows Mobile 6 SDK -> Tools -> Cellular Emulator.

Steps -2

Here is two way to open emulator
1) With .Net IDE
2) Without .Net IDE

1) With .Net IDE :
Tools -> Device Emulator Manager and right-click on Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator and select Connect.

2) Without .Net IDE:
To Open windows mobile 6 professional emulator.
Start -> Programs -> Windows Mobile 6 SDK -> Tools -> Device Emulator Manager.

And now select "Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator" from the Device Emulator Manager and right click on "Windows Mobile 6 Professional emulator" and click on connect

Steps -3
Check the COM Port number in Cellular Emulator.

Now see in above image I have drawn a green rectangle on COM port number which is used by the Cellular Emulator. Here COM port number is "COM3". And it may be different in your cellular emulator.
Note: You have to use your own cellular emulator COM port number.

Steps -4
Now configure "Windows Mobile 6 Professional emulator" with “COM3”
Select File -> Configure... and click the Peripherals tab and use Serial port 0 and enter the “COM3” (which is used by the cellular emulator) manually it may not be listed in the dropdown list and click on OK Button.

Now Soft Reset the Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator
Select File -> Reset -> Soft.

Now the Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator and Cellular Emulator ready to communicate with each others.

Make a call CE to WME
In cellular emulator go to “Call Manager Tab” and enter phone number in phone number text box and click on Dial Button.

Send a SMS CE to WME
In cellular emulator go to “SMS” Tab and enter Text Message like (Hello Pavan !) in text box and click on send Button.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Microsoft has been launched the Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has been launched the Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit also called (DTK), which allows developers to begin creating applications for the upcoming release of its smartphone operating system.

Windows Mobile 6.5 having new set of APIs will allow developers to utilize a gesture framework that gives access to touch gestures throughout the 6.5 user interface. Having new facilities for writing widgets in windows mobile 6.5. Included in the SDK is documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images, tools, and more. Users interested in downloading the SDK should go here. Download WM 6.5 DTK